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RSPCA Pet Lost and Found

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RSPCA Pet Lost and Found

How to Report And Find Lost Pets 

If you happen to find lost pets or you want to report missing pets, search your local RSPCA. They conduct a lost and found program and have successfully reunited hundreds of missing pets with their owners every year.

Your local RSPCA pet lost and found has a website wherein you can do the following:

  • Register a lost pet
  • Register a found pet
  • Search for found pets
  • Search for lost pets

 If you lose a pet and your local impound doesn’t have it, you can then try the RSPCA pet lost and found. You will have to register the lost or found pet’s details. There are no charges for registering a found pet.

Identify Your Lost Pet

Responsible owners make sure their furry companions are quickly identifiable in case their pets are lost. Your pet should have several forms of ID because no one type is entirely fool proof.

Consider having the following identifications even if it is not required by law to make it easier to search for a pet:

  • Microchip – A microchip is implanted between the shoulder blades of the pet. The microchip contains personal details of the owner and can be scanned.


  • Council registration tag – Council registration is attained after registering your pet.


  • Personal tag with your name and contact number – Personal ID tags can be bought in various pet stores. They also have engraving machines so you can have you personal details engraved onsite.


  • RSPCA pet VIP (Very Important Pet) tag is provided by the organization. It is a coloured plastic with an imprinted individual ID number and a 24-hour hotline number. When neighbors, council, vet or anyone find a pet with an RSPCA pet VIP tag, all they need to do is call the hotline.

Get a Pet Tracking Collar

One way to prevent missing pets is by using GPS tracking. Whether your pet is a serial wanderer or you just want to give it freedom to exercise and roam around, a tracking system is a smart way in keeping track of your pet’s whereabouts. A tracking collar has various features, which you will find quite practical and handy.

 It contains Global Positioning System (GPS) chip that works as communication device

  • It may include a chip and a receiver or;
  • A chip and corresponding downloadable mobile app
  • Some have lockable features that is ideal as anti-theft device
  • Real-time notification
  • Automatic alerts on receiver, mobile app or SMS
  • Ability to create virtual fence
  • Some have spray or shock system to alert pet when out of bounds or it can be manipulated when pet is misbehaving

 A tracking collar is advised by the RSPCA as well because it’s the easiest and most convenient way to prevent your pet from wandering away from your home or when out on a trip. With it you wouldn’t have to search for a pet for hours and pay a vast amount if it happens to be impounded.

RSPCA Pet Lost and Found

My Pets Life

RSPCA’s mission is to promote compassion towards all creatures including pets or companion animals. The Lost & Found program has helped many owners be reunited with their loving pets. Apart from that RSPCA also educates animal owners, alleviate suffering of abused or unwanted animals and lots more.